Honor Your Loved Ones through a Scholarship Donation

Donating to the AASFAA Scholarship Fund is a special way to memorialize a friend or loved one. It is a gift that will continue to have a positive impact for years to come.

AASFAA memorializes the loss of the following individuals.

  • Current AASFAA members
  • AASFAA retirees
  • Immediate family members (including spouse, children and parents) of current AASFAA members

 Gifts of $50 will be donated by AASFAA to memorials designated by the family.  If no memorial is specified by the family, a gift of $50 will be donated to the AASFAA Scholarship Fund in the loved one’s name.        


 If you would like to honor a loved one, memorials can be made by contacting the AASFAA Bereavement Committee Chair, Stacy Stracner.

Gifts in Memory

In memory of  Donna Eve Sheets, Stacey Dunlap's (ASU-Newport) mother, by AASFAA (October 2022)

In memory of  Cheryl Deniece Ellerd, Robert Ellerd's (UA-PTC) wife, by AASFAA  (August 2022)

In memory of Delores Chipman Jumper, Kevin Jumper's (ASU-Newport) mother, by AASFAA. (March 2022)

In memory of Carla Parker, Kimberly Herron’s (UALR) step-mother, by AASFAA. (April 2021)