Honor Your Loved Ones through a Scholarship Donation

Donating to the AASFAA Scholarship Fund is a special way to memorialize a friend or loved one. It is a gift that will continue to have a positive impact for years to come.

AASFAA memorializes the loss of the following individuals.

  • Current AASFAA members
  • AASFAA retirees
  • Immediate family members (including spouse, children and parents) of current AASFAA members

 Gifts of $50 will be donated by AASFAA to memorials designated by the family.  If no memorial is specified by the family, a gift of $50 will be donated to the AASFAA Scholarship Fund in the loved one’s name.        


 If you would like to honor a loved one, memorials can be made by contacting the AASFAA Bereavement Committee Chair, Stacy Stracner.

Gifts in Memory

In memory of Shirley Jean Bradley, mother of Stacy Stracner (UA Community College at Morrilton), by AASFAA (March 2024)

In memory of  Richard Douglas Posey, father of Marla Bush (UA Hope/Texarkana), by AASFAA (October 2023)

In memory of Rowenna "Joy" Pomeroy, father of Shelley Neeley (UA Community College at Morrilton), by AASFAA (July 2023)

In memory of  Donna Eve Sheets, mother of Stacey Dunlap (ASU-Newport), by AASFAA (October 2022)

In memory of  Cheryl Deniece Ellerd, wife of Robert Ellerd (UA-PTC), by AASFAA  (August 2022)

In memory of Delores Chipman Jumper, mother of Kevin Jumper (ASU-Newport), by AASFAA. (March 2022)

In memory of Carla Parker, step-mother of Kimberly Herron (UALR), by AASFAA. (April 2021)